Business Information Management

We work closely with your teams to understand their challenges and deploy appropriate technology solutions that maximize the value of their information systems.

ERP Software and Cloud Systems Implementation

We help you streamline your data and work processes through the utilization of best-practice based software such as the Oracle E-business Suite family of products.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence Deployment

We put at your disposal our expertise in leveraging the combination of IoT and AI technologies to drive real business value and transform your enterprise workflows.

Ebiz Alliance Companies

The Alliance was formed among five technology companies that wish to share resources in order to better serve clients' interests and requirements.

More About Each Company

Widestreams S.A.R.L. is a business and technology consulting company that specializes in the areas of management, e-business, ERP and Cloud solutions, and technology and custom business software.

Cleora is a consulting firm for corporate information management and transformation. Cleora brings you the keys of success through the harmonization of your information systems around Oracle On-Premise and Cloud ERP as well as the whole chain of analysis of operational and intelligence data.